We know what it feels like to be stuck in a situation that doesn't allow you to do what you love in your business.


If you're like us, you've felt the pain of being bound to a situation (or model) that restricted your growth and limited your potential. You've likely wondered if there's a better, more simple way to run your practice like you want and serve your clients like you want to serve them.

At EverSource, we get it.

After leading  a successful wealth advisory practice for 28 years, our founder Mark Wesson experienced the pain points of broken models and was determined to find a total solution. His commitment to his client's best interests and knowledge of the benefits of independence led him to create Eversource.

In 2017, several like-minded investors caught the vision and invested long-term capital toward helping other financial advisors achieve independence. Inside a culture that matched their values, this community of advisors wouldn't be sacrificing any capabilities or compensation. A team was formed, and EverSource Wealth Advisors launched its business to serve advisors, advisory teams, and independent RIA firms. With the EverSource platform, these members would find all the guidance they'd need to successfully make a move to an independent business model. They'd also discover all the middle office support needed to manage their businesses and successfully compete with anyone in the industry.  

We are passionate about allowing advisors to run their practices as they desire. We know the benefits of it and seek to provide that for our client and their client. We help you focus on what really matters so that you can smile at your future.

EverSource - Turning Possibilities into Realities.

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